The BubbaCosy™ Story

About Us

Founded in 2011, BubbaCosy is the home of the 2 in 1 baby wrap. Our passion is to create a safe, warm and supportive haven for your little one, that mothers can trust. Our focus is on delivering the utmost quality and to ensure security, as we know there is nothing more important than new life. Our passion began from the use of our Cosy within our own family, and we are honoured to have developed into what we are today. A platform where passion and purpose come together.

Meet Our Founder

Hi! My name is Ivana. I’m a proud mother of two, and grandmother of four. My idea to create the BubbaCosy was inspired by a similar baby wrap which I was given by my mum after birth of my first daughter back in Europe. I have always loved sewing and I wanted to create something safe and comfortable for my granddaughter. Watching my daughter embark on the precious, yet challenging journey that is motherhood, I decided to hand craft the baby wrap for her to make this journey a little bit easier. It was not long before the hospital nurses gave me their nod of approval, and soon enough I was making wraps for friends, then friends of friends, and even strangers inquiring on where to buy one. The BubbaCosy popularity proceeded to grow at a rapid pace.

I feel so honoured to now have evolved my humble babywrap to the product that gives parents piece of mind, is safe and secure for their newborn - smart baby wrap that is today - BubbaCosy.

Baby Swaddles


With a 100% Australian washable wool doona inside, Bubbacosy keeps your baby cosy and warm whilst providing the comfort of a gentle swaddle.